In our constantly-connected world, one resource that shouldn’t be overlooked is Flipboard. The app, which is a popular destination for finding and curating content, offers a unique way for your business to showcase itself.

Here’s how:

1. Monitor and keep up with the competition or general industry trends.

2. Share your collection with others.

3. Use Flipboard to take your best products or content and showcase it for current or potential customers.

4. Highlight your company’s work or how a customer has benefited from your business.

5. Create a custom magazine and pull in sources that your readers will find useful.


To do this and more, you need to have the right set of tools from Flipboard. The Flipboard Chrome extension lets you save anything from the web directly into one of your custom magazines.

Other useful resources include a magazine widget that puts your custom magazine on your website. There’s also a follow, share, browser button and other resources that you can grab directly from Flipboard.

You may need to include instructions for your customers that are not familiar with the service. They’ll also get a better experience from the dedicated app if they’re accessing your content from a mobile device. However, your total package will come across in a more eye-catching manner than traditional methods.

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