I was searching online for ideas for my realtor blog and I came across this amazing article that’s actually 6 yeras old, but so on point that I decided to share it wih you all. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all easy system for a successful real estate blog. What a real estate blogger writes about will depend upon business goals, target market, blogger interests and personality.

101 topic ideas for your real estate blog:

  1. A story about your neighborhood.
  2. Write about a business.
  3. Your pet.
  4. Go through your email; is there a question or comment from one of your clients that can be made into a post?
  5. Listen to your buyers; their comments and ideas make great blog posts.
  6. Listen to your sellers; answers to their questions are blog posts.
  7. Conversations with other agents.
  8. Architecture or housing styles in your area.
  9. Historic buildings, homes or landmarks.
  10. Market statistics for your area, including average prices and absorption rates.
  11. Write to or about a demographic.
  12. Take a picture of something ordinary in your neighborhood and write about it.
  13. Home maintenance.
  14. Take a walk, and take pictures as you go.
  15. Senior housing.
  16. Pet-friendly housing.
  17. Staging ideas.
  18. Local events or festivals.
  19. Your hobby.
  20. A closing.
  21. A lender who did a great job.
  22. Things that go wrong with real estate sales.
  23. Homeowners insurance.
  24. Gardening and landscaping.
  25. Your city council.
  26. A new development.
  27. Lofts.
  28. Decorating ideas.
  29. Real estate industry news –- with your own unique commentary.
  30. Mortgages news.
  31. Interest rates.
  32. Credit scores.
  33. Consumer hoaxes and scams.
  34. First-time homebuyer programs.
  35. Working with seniors.
  36. Working with baby boomers.
  37. Second homes.
  38. Investment properties.
  39. Buying a foreclosure.
  40. Selling a foreclosure.
  41. “Rehabbing” a home.
  42. Home energy conservation.
  43. Final walkthrough.
  44. Equity stripping scams.
  45. Agency.
  46. Real estate companies.
  47. Transportation and parking.
  48. Schools.
  49. Churches.
  50. Day care.
  51. Paint and painting.
  52. Pest control.
  53. Good neighbors.
  54. Bad neighbors.
  55. Overpriced homes.
  56. The homebuying process.
  57. The home selling process.
  58. Book review of a real estate-related book.
  59. Real estate laws.
  60. Real estate terms.
  61. Moving with children.
  62. Moving.
  63. Moving with pets.
  64. Places to eat.
  65. Places to shop.
  66. Commentary on local news stories.
  67. Commentary on local public policy.
  68. Tell a story about a client who was fun to work with.
  69. Write about what it is like to be a Realtor.
  70. When taking classes find something you learned that could be used as a post.
  71. Write off-topic humor.
  72. Environmental issues.
  73. Landlord or tenant issues.
  74. How to sell a house.
  75. How not to sell a house.
  76. Building trends.
  77. Parks.
  78. Local public art.
  79. Home safety.
  80. Review websites on local or real estate-related topics.
  81. Property taxes.
  82. Crime.
  83. Open houses.
  84. Trends in kitchen design.
  85. Area events for children.
  86. The local zoo.
  87. Where to play golf.
  88. Coffee shops.
  89. Women homebuyers.
  90. Advice for FSBOs.
  91. Interview someone.
  92. Local real estate market trends and observations.
  93. Furniture.
  94. Investment scams.
  95. Mortgage fraud.
  96. Types of mortgages.
  97. Homeowners associations.
  98. Attend a public meeting and write about it.
  99. Weekend getaways close to home.
  100. Real estate apps.
  101. Fair housing issues.

There are probably 100 more I could add to this, and maybe I will. Blog posts do not need to be lengthy or wordy, and there is no perfect length. There are so many things to write about on a real estate blog especially for those who sell real estate or work with clients, and, yes, these ideas can be put on an editorial calendar. It isn’t too late to start a blog. In fact there is almost no competition in most markets and plenty of business to go around. Happy blogging! 

Article by Teresa Boardman; Broker and founder of the St. Paul Real Estate blog.
Poste by Inman.com 


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