Allow me to walk you through the process of creating the perfect email newsletter with 3 steps showing how Flipboard can help real estate agents and brokers newsletter supercharge their sends while marketing yourself and your work

Step 1: Start flipping. Throughout the week, I flip articles into my different Flipboard magazines. Each has a distinct theme: real estate market, photography, travel, news and events in my local area, etc. At night, or whenever I have free time to finally read, I’ll identify stories that achieved one (or all) of three things:

a) resonated with me
b) resonated with my followers (i.e. got lots of likes, reflips, and/or comments)
c) formed part of a bigger story or trend

Step 2: Organize. Start organizing. Your newsletter should include a personal note from you, which usually gets written first. Then group each category of links by sights (YouTube clips, movie trailers, photo galleries), news and events in your farm area, and stories (articles, news and relevant information from the library or city hall and in your community)— finally choose the newsletter’s name, like for example: “what’s new this month in “your Farm Area.” 

At first, only included things that interested you. Eventually, you should pay more attention to your audience and began analyzing metrics offered by Tiny Letter: how many times did someone open the email? Which links did they click? so you can create something worthy of their time.

Step 3: Test, Test, Test. After reading it, reread it and edit your newsletter, send yourself a preview to see how it looks and send it to a friend and ask him to review it too. Pay attention to how things look on your smartphone. With the rise of mobile apps, more of us are using our phones or tablets for casual browsing, social media or email. So it helps to make sure that your email newsletter looks great on the small screen.

At the end of each newsletter, include a link to your Flipboard profile. If your readers enjoyed some of the stories related to a topic in your newsletter, your Flipboard magazine offers a deeper dive. 

Hope you enjoy this article.

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