Quick checklist for branding your real estate channel:

•Use your team logo for the profile picture
•Use a professional photo if it’s your personal real estate channel
•Branding intro and exit for all videos (stay consistent)
•Completed about me section
•Links to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) from your YouTube channel. Go to channel settings to edit them.
•Make sure that you have a nice cover photo for your channel page. You can add recently sold listings or a team picture here. Be creative.

Video’s Killing It In Real Estate Lead Gen Right Now! Study These 3 Real Estate YouTube Stars To Up Your Marketing

Kevin Ward

Real estate coach Kevin Ward’s channel has 21k subscribers and counting, plus he’s hit over 1M views.

His book, “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide,” has also made him a #1 best-selling author.

As a real estate coach, Kevin uses his Youtube channel as a way to educate and inspire agents.

He’s also a motivational speaker and trainer and it’s obvious that Kevin can reach the most people and add the most value to their viewing experience through Youtube.

Like Kevin, don’t be afraid to share your own story. Especially if your hardships have allowed you to find success.

This video on getting more listings has nearly 170,000 views.

More than anything, the key to succeeding on Youtube is to commit to doing it. You don’t have to post long, in-depth videos about complicated subjects.

You can talk about things you experience in your everyday life. It’s the way you deliver the content that will set you apart.

Coach Tom Ferry

You’re probably familiar with Coach Tom Ferry and you may very well be one of his 40k+ subscribers.

In case you’re not, here’s the scoop:

•Tom is recognized as the #1 educator in real estate and has been in the industry for 3 decades.
•On Youtube, he’s all about sharing new ideas and strategies for both business and life.
•He uploads 1-2 videos each week consistently and has multiple series running at once.
•Tom loves bringing on other professional for an interview, which is a great tip for any agent channel.

When you make new connections and bring on a guest you are networking, expanding your audience, and giving your viewers a new perspective. Win-win-win.

He also has a segment called the #TomFerryShow where he discusses a new selling, marketing, or business-building strategy.
If you want to connect with Tom, subscribe to Tom’s channel and start the conversation.

Remember, you don’t just want to gain subscribers on Youtube. You also want to connect with other professionals.


Easy Agent Pro

They create daily videos on Youtube for agents.

Tyler sits down each and every day to record videos to help agents get the most return for the least amount of effort from their everyday marketing and lead gen activities.

Subscribe to their channel for daily videos, leave a comment on your favorite one and we’ll subscribe to you as well!



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