Here are our top 5 selfie tips

1. Lighting is Everything! It sounds obvious, but the first rule of selfie-ing is to pay attention to your lighting. You need good lighting. Natural lighting

2. Smile Like You Mean It. How To Take A Good Selfie 12 Selfie Tips To Consider “Flash a real smile and no image will look bad”. Don’t contort your face into a grin that’s too big or forced. Natural smiles are always better.

3. Play to Your Angles. There’s one piece of advice you should take from Kim Kardashian, it’s this: When it comes to selfies, keep your chin down and the camera up.

4. Don’t Over-Edit. While we’re all for editing and filtering, don’t adjust your selfie to the point that it looks unnatural. When editing, use a really light touch. It’s easy to get carried away. Only touch up the areas that are glaringly obvious to you.

5. Be Mindful of Your Background. The best selfies have either interesting backgrounds (Oh, you’re just casually selfie-ing while skydiving? Great.) or really, really simple ones. The middle ground is what’s deadly. And beware of photo-bombers.


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