Want to use Twitter for your business but don’t know how to begin? This easy list can help you get started

? 1. Personalize your profile. 
Update your profile photo and make sure it reflects you as a person, write a short bio!

? 2. Use list to segment your stream. 
Segment your twitter community into list

? 3. Share content you enjoy

? 4. Use rich media such as photos and videos

? 5. Schedule your content on a day-today basis, use a free scheduling tool like Hootsuite
Here is how.. more details on Hootsuite here

? 6. Shorten your links using a FREE url shortener

? 7. Pay attention to Follow Friday #FF
If it’s Friday and you want to participate in Follow Friday, here’s what you do:

  1. Decide who you want to recommend. It’s common to recommend several people at once. Choose Twitter users that you think would be interesting to your followers.

  2. Write down their Twitter usernames carefully and double-check your spelling.

  3. Create a new tweet that starts with a brief introduction followed by your list of usernames that you are recommending. Put the @ symbol before each Twitter username and separate the names with a space or comma. At the end of the tweet, insert the #ff hashtag.

? 8. Join a twitter chat
Tweet chats are live discussions that take place on Twitter about a predetermined topic. Tweets related to the discussion are marked with a hashtag (a word or phrase preceded by the # sign; an example is #CTCTsocial).
Here are 5 tips on how to participate in the conversation:
– Prepare yourself for the tweet chat topic
– Choose your tools
– Follow Twitter etiquette
– Use the tweet chat as an opportunity to promote your expertise and what you do, but don’t over-promote
– Follow up after the tweet chat
Read more here

? 9. Use only a few hashtags (max 3)

? 10. Learn the twitter shortcuts


Check out this infographic with 10 quick tips for Twitter success by Red Website Design.


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