We’ve got 10 Easy Instagram Post Ideas to engage your audience. Instagram is booming, there’s no doubt.  And when it comes to engagement, Instagram its THE ONE to consider for most businesses and industries. Even a small, focused community can be powerful in terms of engagement and results on Instagram.

1. Use giveaways, contests, offers and promotions
The more creative and visual you can make it the better!


2. Showcase your brand expertise

3. Choose quotes that aid the brand mission

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This is just my professional advice

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4. Use popular #hashtags related to your content

5. Give your audience a sneak peak of your events using begin the scene photos
Keep them employee and workplace related

6. Engage your audience wit live videos

7. Keep your content consistent and always related to your brand vision

8. Share customers testimonials and reviews

9. Invite your audience to read your blog and visit your website
When you do, make your image or video engaging and be sure to add some helpful information in your post description.

10. When possible get Influencers and Celebrity Endorsements


Here are some more ideas. Infographic by Unmetric


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