Calendars are always in need and a good calendar image is always nice to add every now and then!. Share a calendar on your profile and ask questions about important dates or let others know about important holidays to remember, even some the fun ones!

On this post we shared some wacky fun holidays to remember and ask our audience to share with us if we missed one!.

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Did we miss a day you would like to add to our calendar? let’s us now your favorite day celebration in the comments below … Share a calendar on your wall and play a fun game ask your friends to choose a day to celebrate this month! and tag us on your post! @mytagcrush Jan 1 Tuesday Polar Bear Plunge Day Jan 2 Wednesday Buffet Day Jan 2 Wednesday Science Fiction Day Jan 3 Thursday Fruitcake Toss Day Jan 3 Thursday Festival of Sleep Day Jan 4 Friday Trivia Day Jan 5 Saturday Bird Day Jan 6 Sunday Bean Day Jan 7 Monday Old Rock Day Jan 8 Tuesday Earth's Rotation Day Jan 9 Wednesday Static Electricity Day Jan 9 Wednesday Word Nerd Day Jan 10 Thursday Cut Your Energy Costs Day Jan 11 Friday Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day Jan 12 Saturday Marzipan Day Jan 13 Sunday Make Your Dreams Come True Day Jan 14 Monday Clean Off Your Desk Day Jan 14 Monday Organize Your Home Day Jan 15 Tuesday Strawberry Ice Cream Day Jan 16 Wednesday Nothing Day Jan 17 Thursday Benjamin Franklin Day Jan 17 Thursday Kid Inventors' Day Jan 17 Thursday Ditch New Year's Resolution Day Jan 18 Friday Thesaurus Day Jan 19 Saturday Soup Swap Day Jan 19 Saturday Tin Can Day Jan 19 Saturday Popcorn Day Jan 20 Sunday Penguin Awareness Day Jan 21 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Jan 22 Tuesday Hot Sauce Day Jan 23 Wednesday Handwriting Day Jan 24 Thursday Compliment Day Jan 24 Thursday Macintosh Computer Day Jan 25 Friday Opposite Day Jan 26 Saturday Spouse's Day Jan 27 Sunday Chocolate Cake Day Jan 27 Sunday e-Day Jan 28 Monday Data Privacy Day Jan 29 Tuesday Puzzle Day Jan 30 Wednesday Croissant Day Jan 31 Thursday Backwards Day #tagcalendar #january #calendar2019

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Feel free to use and download this calendar to share on your profile!. Be sure to ad us on you comments as @tagcrush @tagresources!
Simply drag and drop images to your desktop or if on your phone tap image and hold and then save image to your photos. Enjoy!

Personalized business calendars are also available!

Take a look at this version made for CENTURY 21 Premier Elite Realty:


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